You’re great at your job. And using German, your path to success means that you master all the interactions that your job involves: inspiring, influencing, impressing. 


But there’s a problem: you also need to do this in English. And you don’t feel comfortable with that. You’re afraid of messing up your message in English. Words go missing, phrases come out wrong, you stumble.

And this annoys you, because you know you are not creating the best impression.


You feel uncertain, inadequate, frustrated. 


These feelings influence your performance in English. You hold back in meetings and conversations. You find it difficult to be spontaneous. You overthink what you want to say.


And you need a really long time to prepare for things like presentations, meeting contributions, or even your part in a simple conversation.


What you are experiencing is a clash of two comfort zones.


Your “German you” lives in a nice, big comfort zone. Here, you are in charge, you are successful, you are confident.

But your “English you” is confined to a much smaller comfort zone, restricting your performance and limiting your progress.


It’s like the difference between leaning back on your favourite sofa and leaning back on the dentist’s chair: 

two completely different feelings.



And this is where I come in.

I am an expert in helping people grow their English comfort zone and reduce this critical gap. 





We work together to increase your self-confidence and enable you to use high-impact English.

As a result, you get bolder. You spend less time preparing. People understand you better and see you in a different light. Your career progresses faster.


There is one big requirement for this to happen: you must want to leave your English comfort zone.

The change process may get uncomfortable. You will be challenged and will need staying power. You have to be open and prepared to make mistakes. You also need to be willing to do the work.


Does all this sound like you? Are you ready for the challenge? Then let’s talk!


Contact me to schedule an online meeting. This will cost one hour of your time.

Together, we'll see if spending more time together in the future would be a good idea.

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