Business coaching for freelance coaches and trainers


My name is Mike, and I help freelancers improve their prices.


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Are you:

  • Great at your job, but your prices don't reflect it?
  • Feeling stuck, and want to grow your business?
  • Uncomfortable when talking about your prices? 

If so, I may be able to help.


Why me?

  • 30+ years business experience, mainly in sales         (I take the introvert's approach to selling)
  • 5+ years freelancing as a trainer and communication expert (I know your pricing challenges)
  • I follow solopreneur thought leaders on pricing to get the latest thinking and the most successful ideas


Results of working with me:  

  • Increase your prices for years to come
  • Use a co-created system that works for you long-term
  • Grow your self-confidence when dealing with clients

The ultimate goal is to change your life for the better by growing your income, raising the quality of your clients and improving your life-work balance, but that is up to you.


If you:

  • see freelancing as your business, not your hobby
  • know you provide a valuable service
  • are serious about getting paid what you are worth

  - we should talk.

Working with me:


You don’t need me for information. If you had the time, you could find out most of my content on the internet.

What you need me for is action: getting the right things done, regularly.


Think about the last inspiring book you read. It’s not the information in the book that provides the most value.

It’s the thinking that happens as you process that information.

It’s the same working with me. Yes, the content is valuable, but working on the content together is what brings the most value: the act of co-creation, the discovery of what will work best for you.


I promise: 

  • I'll challenge your thinking, but won't judge you
  • I'll hold you accountable
  • I'll spark your creativity and help you be bolder than you've ever dared to be in pricing and selling your services

Next steps:


  • Get in touch and we can set up a 1-hour session on Teams or Zoom
    You need to be able to explain what you want to achieve. I make no charge for this session
  • We decide if we want to work together and how this would look like - see examples under Offering
  • Our sessions are one-to-one, using an online tool like Teams
  • We agree on the scheduling. After you have transferred the full amount, we start improving your financial future



I'm not a "quotation person", but this one inspires me:


“Anyone who isn't embarrassed of who they were last year
probably isn't learning enough.”

Alain de Botton

My motivation:

I get a kick out of helping people to reach their potential – also financially.


I see many highly-qualified coaches and trainers falling well short of what they could be earning, and I want to change that.


I love creating value with others, and there’s no quicker way of doing that than working on pricing and sales. 

Me as a person:

Husband, grandfather, home lover, reluctant gardener, cat friend,

wine explorer, sports enthusiast (keen golfer, Tottenham supporter), optimist, life-long learner.