My value lies in helping you to get from where you are now to where you want to be as quickly as possible. 


Three things happen as a result: you feel more confident, you look better in the eyes of others, and you get better results at work.

Theoretically, you could get this result by yourself, or use other language service providers (apps, set online courses, language schools). But I get you there faster.

I know what to focus on (and it’s not what most people tell you). I’ll push you. I’ll even give you a kick up the arse if you need it.


Your job is important. You want to perform in the best possible way. And your time is valuable.  

Someone in your position needs top-quality support, not just the cheapest price available. 


After our introduction meeting, I will put together a proposal that exactly fits your needs. As a guide, here are some examples from recent satisfied customers:

Regular course

Regular course for 3 months: 1.800,- €
90 minutes a week at regular, fixed times

Unlimited email support, including all materials and recordings





Flexi-course for 6 months: 5.200,- €
Flexible, short-notice timeslots of 90 minutes a week Unlimited email support, including all materials and recordings


Money-back guarantee for your peace of mind: if you decide it’s not working for you, I will refund the full amount (applies for regular or flexi-courses only, if cancelled within two weeks of starting).


Intensive courses  Tailor-made preparation for specific situations


Recent examples:

Workshop: 600,- €

Marketing presentation: 300,- €

Q & A session: 400,- €


Hourly coaching fee: 250,- €



All prices include 19 % MwSt.

Payment in advance by bank transfer.

I don’t work for cash - paying taxes is important.



For specific situations, I also offer group courses. These include:


Good shot!

All the English you need for the golf course.

Take a language course on a course!

Sounds tasty!

Tasting notes: how to talk about wine in English.


English for native speakers

How to speak international English.

Possibly the most valuable course I have ever created.