Busyness is bad for business, February '23


Busyness is bad for business, because busyness is bad for you.


In response to the question: “How are you?” we often answer: “Busy” as if it was a virtue, a badge of honour.


It’s not. This is what busy is:


Busy = breathless

Busy = distracted

Busy = time-wasting

Busy = loss of control

Busy = flapping around

Busy = I can’t prioritise

Busy = frantic and furious

Busy = active, but not effective

Busy = acting to impress others

Busy = doing a lot, but not finishing enough

Busy = doing the urgent, but not the important

Busy = taking more time to do less

Busy = always in a rush

Busy = pleasing others

Busy = multi-tasking

Busy = lack of focus

Busy = presenteeism

Busy = exhaustion

Busy = struggle

Busy = noise

Busy = bullshit


Stop being busy. Stop saying you’re busy. Slow down.

Say “no” more often. Create spaces in your calendar and defend them.



Productive, not busy.

Deep work, not lots of work.

In control, not in a rush.