Translations German - English

I've lived in Germany for almost 30 years and in that time I've read many incorrectly translated English texts. 

Some are funny, others are embarrassing, and many are completely bad for business. 

They have one thing in common: there is no way they could have been written by a native speaker. 

When you next have a business text that needs to be translated, do yourself a favour: make sure a native speaker does the work. And preferably someone that has a business background.


Of course, I'd be happy to handle your next business translation. 

The work you'll get back from me is sure to have the desired effect on your target audience.  

They'll get the picture! 


I can help you with:

·         Translations from German into English 

·         Translations of business texts 

·         Brochures, flyers, promotional material 

·         Tender documents, sales presentations

·         Websites, blogs, texts for Facebook and LinkedIn 

·         Presentations and speeches

·         Press releases, texts for trade journals 

·         Product descriptions, operating instructions, catalogues