Recipe for business English that works


A large portion               sympathy for anyone who has to communicate in a foreign language at work

Many spoonfuls             pleasure in working in an international context    

A splash                        worldly eclecticism 

A piece                          inner satisfaction when helping people improve 

A                                   heightened awareness of intercultural differences and their effects 

A handful                      pleasure in finding solutions together

30 years                       business experience in an international environment (customer service, logisitcs, relocation) 

A bunch                       difficult questions

A fresh                         CELTA qualification: Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

A packet                      methods to measure the effectiveness of training 

Several dollops            British humour

A pinch                         worldly wisdom drawn from life experiences as a cosmopolitan, golfer, wine enthusiast and grandfather  


Mix up all ingredients and let them disseminate.

Spread the effects among employees who are willing to learn. 


Business English training which is relished by many in your company: 

  • the employee learning English, who becomes more self-confident, more competent and more professional 
  • his line manager, whose staff work quicker and with fewer mistakes  
  • the L & D department, or the decison-maker in human resources, who see a reduction in fluctuation levels as the motivation of employees increases with training that helps them work better
  • the CFO, who is happy to see an impressive return on investment
  • the CEO, who sees business results improve through better relationships with customers and reduced process costs

And last but not least: your customers, suppliers and partners, who all profit from your improved communication skills in English.